The Biohazard Report

Our fridge

Our fridge's current biohazard rating: 6.

10 is where someone opens the fridge and a small phone on Bill Clinton's desk rings
  • -- Martin
  • Something's died
  • -- Belinda
  • It's evil. I don't know what it is, but it sure is evil.


    Crazy things that have happened to food in my new place since I moved in:

    Food info

    Stay tuned for the half-lifes of various vegies. Thanks to Lee for the suggestion.

    Kindred Souls

    There are others, out there, like me. This is strange but true. Here are some of their exploits.

    The Amateur Mycology Association

    This group has been established (informally, of course) to further the study of fungi in the home environment. Some of the interesting mould I have found on cheese in our place includes: Other mould includes:
    Alastair Irvine
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