Mole Rats

A Java version of the card game by Drhoz.

Game description

Mole Rats represents a battle over territory and food between two competing tribes of Kenyan Naked Mole Rats. The game is a race to see who can establish a tunnel network which is safe from invasion from the other tribe and which contains a food source (a Kenyan Giant Turnip) and a ruler (a Queen Mole Rat; their society is the mammalian equivalent of an insect hive).

The game is played by taking it in turns to pick up a double-sided tile from the stack and placing it either way up next to another tile on the game area.

There are three types of tile: tunnel tiles, turnip tiles and queen rat tiles. The object of the game is to create a perimeter tunnel around an area containing a turnip tile which was placed down by anyone and a queen rat tile which you have placed.



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