Friends' Pages

Marcus Good
WARNING: Marcus is a dinosaurs, X-Files and Star Wars NUT. Enter at your own risk.

Ryan Winter
Ryan is another mad git. Be warned.

Malcolm Pinto
That crazy IRC nut (find him on #singapore) who calls himself Narc Drago

Martin Hughes

Luke Thin
A programmer like myself. Enough said.

Russell Wilson
Russell is a person in Scotland who used to go to my high school

Kim Richardson

Keh-Gan Hau
Gan (alias Gumby) has been playing Magic for about as long as I have.

Steven "Reaper" Griffin

M²'s site

Doug Burbidge

Matthew Smith
a.k.a. Firebird

Ex-housemate. Rollerblader. Dude.

The things you find in goth clubs. (He's a.k.a. Christ Sol, and is moving to Melbourne)

a.k.a. Mark



Adrian Chadd

Russell B Farr

Ian Henderson

One half of the pair that also contains...

...last, but not least, Meryki

Donks (a.k.a. Craig)

Mike "Früchlè" Fineberg

Other Friendy-type stuff

A kind of weird chat-site with a focus on how many people you know another member through.

Some friends of mine are working on a car for the World Solar Challenge.

I know vegies

I've been to plays with my friends in them at UWA

Alastair Irvine
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