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I maintained the Curtin Imagination Association's old home page.

Murdoch Uni's equivalent of the CIA. (Their site used to be here.)

The University of WA has UniSFA

And then there's Swancon, WA's annual SciFi & Fantasy convention.
Swancon 2000, 2001 and 2003 are the main Australian conventions of its type. Swancon will happen this year on the Easter long weekend, as has become the tradition.

Wasteland (and Borderlands before it) is the other major Perth 'con.

Run by a friend of mine who used to be my housemate. Perth seems to have been taken over by 'con fever.

2004's Natcon (23-26 April), in Canberra

Melbourne's 2003 SF/F/H con
11-13 July 2003

The VICNET Australian Science Fiction Information page
You might also want to check out the Australian Science Fiction Foundation

WA's Science Fiction Fan Fund

ShadisTM Magazine

Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) OnLine


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