Cool Graphics links and other Web publishing stuff

NCSA's Web Technology Page
This is one of the pages at UIUC's NCSA site.'s HTML specs page

Netscape's technical documentation page

Background Generator 2

A web page validator

HTML Writers' Guild

VMARK Software
Get the Web Development Kit, a backend database-interface package

Links to free XML tools and resources

The HTML guru

D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site

Web Developer's Virtual Library


MIT's web reference site

Ian Graham's Introduction To HTML and URLs

Yet another web resource site.

Your HTML Source
HTML Tutorials

The Aust. Web Publishers Assoc. resource site

WWW Virtual Library -- building quality information resources

The Sun web styleguide

Lincoln Stein's web resources page
Clip Art
MORE Clip Art
Pam Bytes' free graphics page
More graphics

Fish Dicks' fonts page

Color Matters

The Webtemplates list of portable colours

PNG home page
PNG is a next-generation lossless image file format

GIF Animation

You've got 3 guesses...

Icons at Webcom

Graphics Gems

Protocol and Server information

NSCA httpd documentation

W3C's HTTP information

Apache home page

CGI Programming Class

Tech info at

Understanding robots.txt

Interesting concepts in publishing

How to make a 74min CD-R into an 80min CD-R

Persistent Uniform Resource Locators

Conglomerate: a generalised information editing, storage and publishing system
Uses an XML backend. Under (open source) development.

DIY info

Citation techniques

Information access clients and agents

Web Browser Interoperability report

All about bots

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