Hardware, Peripherals and Microelectronics links

The homepage of the Australian Computer Museum Society Inc. (WA)
Ever wondered where those old, disused minicomputers and all the other "junk" goes? These guys get it!
Old home page

Hi-tech Electronic Surplus

Anyone for an IR keyboard?

What to do with your leftover VAXes
"My other VAX is a VAXbar"

The Hardware Book

Microprocessor Report

VSI Alliance
This is a consortium of manufacturers that are working towards an open standard for the distribution of chip-based intellectual property.

Boycott Intel
"The Intel Pentium III chip: designed to deny your privacy"

The RS485 serial communications protocol

Review Booth

DNA-based computing

Auto ID News
SmartCard info galore...

Deskbounds and luggables


Hardware Formerly Known As IBM Compatible

Thanks to Richard Jenkins from Curtin Uni for inventing/stealing the cool name.
PC Weasel
Control your x86 box using a serial port. In hardware.

If you have a Vaio with ACPI battery monitoring or wirless LAN problems, I know someone who may be able to help.

Don't go wasting a perfectly mediocre Linux platform by polluting it with MicroShaft stuff.

Grunty stuff

"My Alpha processes [email protected] blocks faster than anything else" -- Simon Fryer

Weird, experimental and super-compact computers & microcontrollers

The PLEB project
This mini-board uses a StrongArm processor and it's Designed For LinuxTM.

Control Plus, home of the PascalLite chips

Interval Research
Floating Point Gate Arrays and reconfigurable hardware stuff

The Neuhausplatz foam-cased PC

A single-board computer that plugs into a 30-pin SIMM socket

Network servers and infrastructure

For firewalls and stuff. Go to Mikrotik for software & accessories

Gadgets and Personal Tech

See also my Software and Networking pages for stuff to use with these.
The makers of CASIF/Win, a Casio electronic organiser synchronization program


Damn near everyone seems to have some sort of PalmPilot these days, so go to the Palm home page to check 'em out. USRobotics used to make them and 3Com make them now...

CNet's gadgets page

The Wall Street Journal's Personal Technology Homepage

BlueTooth mobile phone headset

They designed a new entry-level PDA platform and licensed the technology to hardware manufacturers. Interesting


MIT's Ant Project

MIT's Autonomous Robot Design Competition

James Trevelyan's page
James is a robotics specialist

Robot Wars
A UK TV show featuring home-brew and "house" robots fighting in an arena situation


Displays and graphics cards

Display technology using Light Emitting Polymers

Kopin microdisplays
Ever fancied having a computer display in your mirrorshades?

Media Drives

An explanation of writable DVD formats

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