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About Myself

I am a computer geek who lives in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. I finished a Computer Science degree at Curtin University in 1997.

Employment: I used to work at the Australian Telecommunications Research Institute, then as a Software Engineer at Intellect's Perth office.
Now I run Warpspace IT [NEW!]
(which, unsurprisingly, is geeky even for an IT business)

History: I lived in Kensington for just over two years and once they decided to demolish that place I moved into a friend's unit in Victoria Park. I stayed there for about two years as well. There was a nasty, buggered fridge at the Kensington place, which I wrote about in the fridge page. You might like to check out my guide to crappy cooking.

Looks like I'm staying in Carlisle. We have a new housemate, who looks like being a "keeper". If you find yourself sharing too, Sandman's Tips for Share House Living might come in handy.

I've been reading a lot lately. I've got a books page now.

I was going to reconstruct this site, but I have more important things to do. Instead, I plan to improve this home page (the "me" part of the site).

The rest is mostly a collection of useful links, and (except for the broken ones) is OK in its current form. (Let's be honest; I'm not out to win any design awards.)

Send me some mail if you want. You might get a reply if you're lucky!
[email protected]

Later dude!

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