Reading for the sake of it

Ok, I'm an information junkie. I'll admit that first up.

Notable books I've read

Things I've read recently

Things I'm reading at the moment

Stuff I want to read soon

Cool books I want to read again some day

For me, this counts as high praise for a book, as usually I don't read anything more than once. There's just so much good stuff out there that I don't have the time.

Books bought, yet unread

Antique Futures by Terry Dowling

The Art of Unix Programming by Eric S. Raymond

JavaSpaces Principles, Patterns and Practice by Freeman, et al

Developing Windows NT Device Drivers (I got it cheap, OK?) by Dekker, et al
...and many more

Interesting sites

Yahoo's SciFi and Fantasy category

SF Zines webring

The Ouroboros Bookworms

The HUGO awards
multiplayer interactive fiction

Chuck McKenzie's hompage

Fables and Reflections
A Perth Fanzine

A fanzine exploring the darker aspects of various genres

The Vision writers group

Alastair Irvine
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