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Info about ORL's Virtual Network Computing

Network tutorials at
No ads. No bias. No bull.

Internet Domain Name Service info

Query the InterNIC DNS registry

and then query Open SRS if InterNIC tells you a domain is registered there

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

List of country codes -vs- NICs

North American Network Operators' Group resources for ISPs

Networking protocols and servers

Some people say that a monkey would bang out the complete works of Shakespeare on a typewriter give an unlimited amount of time. In the meantime, what they would probably produce is a valid sendmail configuration file. -- Nicholas Petreley
The ATM Forum

A BlueTooth-based network application layer.

The Gnutella file transfer protocol
A bit like a generalised version of the Napster protocol.
Those responsible for Speex, an open audio compression scheme.

Contacting people

The Directory of Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists

An Australian list of mailing lists


Iridium satellite flares

A data haven in SeaLand near Britain

A finger gateway

The e-zine list

Etext Zines

Avoiding bad information

Experience the joy of helping to get rid of spam, rather than just deleting it and wishing it didn't happen.

Paul Graham's essay on a Baysian method of detecting spam using word frequencies

Spam Assassin
Can be made more useful on sendmail systems using Spamass-milter

The Internet as a Cultural Phenomenon

There is not doubt that when people look back at the late '90s, they will see that the Internet changed the world in a very big way. This section is about the trivia, milestones and people which have made the Internet what it is today. It is dedicated to everyone who has ever used version 1 of Netscape and can remember when Java just meant coffee or an island in South East Asia.

Online communities

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