Pages of interest about Operating Systems

Arguably, there wouldn't be operating systems if it weren't for hackers. I recently had to create a new page as my hacker links section on this page was getting too big.

Linux and semi-compatible equivalents

Wouldn't you rather run *n*x that something spawned by MicroShaft?


The Linux page

Linux Weekly News


How to run Fortran on a DOS box if all you've got is a Linux binary.
Warning: blatant hack alert! :)

Perth Linux Users Group
Check out Linux Australia

assorted Linux tips

Golgotha (see also The Networx mirror)

The Linux Hardware Database

Motorola Computer Group
Embedded systems stuff with Linux... cool

Linux Trace Toolkit

Applications and Window Managers for Linux

WINE (a WinDoze emulator)

K Desktop Environment

GNOME -- the GNU Network Object Model Environment
A project to build a complete, user-friendly desktop based entirely on free software



StarOffice 5.0
An anti-M$ product! Yay!


NNTP Consulting
Run by Paul Wilson. Featuring his GPLed man2html utility.

Java for Linux

More Java on Linux links

Georgios' LiNUX Application List

Crossover Office
A homebrew WINE distro supporting native installation of many 'doze apps

Hmm... a company who claims to write Linux device drivers for any device. Could be useful.

Drawing, Flowcharting and Vector Graphics

Linux Distributions


Red Hat

The goal of this project is to produce an ultra-secure, Linux-based operating system

Trustix Secure Linux

Yellow Dog Linux

Caldera Systems




Yellow Dog Linux
A RedHat port for Mac

Solaris and SunOS

"IDG's magazine for the Sun community"

Solaris man pages served from ANU

The Research Computing Center
Some useful Unix docs



Unix Support's home page at the University of Cambridge

UNIXhelp for Users

Curtin CS tech page

The homepage of The Dotfile Generator by Jesper Kjær Pedersen

rc a unix shell for minimalists

Newbies' guide to HURD

How to turn a HP/UX box into a bastion host

MacOS and other Apple projects

Apple's Australian site

Info about the Carbon API, and Rhapsody details

General Macintosh links & information

The Open Darwin OS for i386

Microsoft Windows

Windows 95: n. 32 bit extensions and a graphical shell for a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit operating system originally coded for a 4 bit microprocessor, written by a 2 bit company, that can't stand 1 bit of competition.

Hate them or hate them, Microsoft's range of operating systems look like they're here to stay. If you are forced to use them due to corporate policy, the narrow-mindedness of the games developers or the unwillingness of your friends to use something better, then maybe this section can help.

How to REMOVE Internet Explorer from Windows98

Makes Windows 95 look like something completely different.

Anti Windows World Union

Boycott Microsoft

Subliminal messages in Windows 95?

How to remove Direct X's Windows tips

Windows humour

Be afraid, Microsoft victims, be very afraid

Thanks to David Luyer for pointing this out:

Word and Excel put a 'machine signature' in the documents, which includes the MAC address of the system they were produced on. The 'machine signature' is also sent to Microsoft with Windows98 registrations. So Microsoft can in theory trace back who made any Word or Excel document.

"Bennett said Microsoft will create a software tool to let customers remove the Windows number, which he said is meant to help diagnose problems for customers who call with technical questions."

Other OSes

The web page of a TV show about the history of corporate Nerdidity
Robert Cringely was the narrator.

The distributor of OpenDOS, a descendent of DR-DOS (an MS-DOS clone).

The VMS Wizard page at DEC
I hate VMS (An operating system by Digital that runs on their VAX and Alpha based computers). Unfortunately, I have to use it. So this is a page with some useful documentation about it. (It's not like the HELP program is any use.)

A new microkernel RTOS



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