Computer Security


The "big name" in free encryption software

Snake Oil Warning Signs -- Encryption Software to Avoid, by Matt Curtin

A Non-US encryption plugin for Macs by Farrell McKay

Security gurus and their work

Lance Spitzner's homepage
An ex- US Army officer who's into computer security. Lance has had several articles published in Inside Solaris.

Virii, Social Engineering Attacks and System Vulnerabibities

Trojan Defence Suite

IP Filter
A TCP/IP Packet Filtering package

Miscellaneous security links

The Tao of Backup
An Internet-based backup service

Reflections on Trusting Trust by Ken Thompson

Shadow Penguin Security

XCP Security

Nomad Mobile Research Centre

A whole lab's worth of machines running different OSes on which to practice your cracking skills, or just muck around.



SAFER magazine

Data Overload

Data Smog

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