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Married with Children

Babylon 5
This is my favourite Science Fiction TV show. I won't try to describe it; I'll leave that up to the experts...

Ren & Stimpy
"You stupid eediot!"

Dr Who

The Goodies


Monty Python's Flying Circus

Robot Wars


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Movies I saw a long time ago

Note: these lists were last updated some time before Fri Nov 16 22:01:22 WST 2001
At the cinema:
The Fast and The Furious


Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Seen at a movie marathon with the previous two. My best of the bunch.

Jurassic Park III



High Fidelity
This movie is a ride. See it. Laugh. Be blown away. Laugh some more.

Charle's Angels
How did I get talked into this?
Meet the Parents
Best laugh in a while. Damn good.

Metalhead goes to see rave movie. End result: not catastrophic, but would have been better under different circumstances.

Do not see this movie unless you really want to be confronted.

The Road to El Dorado
Didn't hate it, but the Elton John soundtrack made me glad I was not the one who paid for me to see it.

Possibly the oldest film I have ever seen. It's best claim to fame is probably its authenticity, which I can't even verify as I don't know anything about the British Redcoats or the Zulu warrior tribes.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Last Starfighter
Somehow, I had managed to not see all of this before. Kinda glad I did, though. Gets a good deal better as it goes along.

A Soldier's Sweetheart
Amazing movie. Hadn't even heard of it before; definitely one of my favourites.

This movie made me more inclined to trust my own judgement about which movies not see.

Pretty good for a Walt Disney movie. I thought I would be too cynical to enjoy this, but I did anyway.


The Thirteenth Warrior
Wow... a big-budget, Hollywood-style, old-fashioned fantasy tale. I liked it.

Deuce Bigalow
Completely unartistic, but very, very funny.


The Cider House Rules
I don't know why I saw this movie. I don't usually watch crappy, over-emotional American period dramas, and now I know why.
Mystery Men
Pretty ordinary. Some good bits though; who else now thinks bowling is sexy?

Blade Runner (director's cut)
Ridley Scott's masterpiece. Set in 2019, this movie is an amazing protrayal of a future world just as it could be.

A Clockwork Orange
Well, my little droogie-woogies, what can we say about this one? See this film right now; it will change your life. If you've already seen it, I'm sure you know what I mean...

The World is Not Enough
I thought the previous Bond Film (Tomorrow Never Dies) was a lot better



The Matrix
A must see

Arlington Road

Extreme Measures

Star Trek: Insurrection
Worth it for non-trekkies, but a bit mushy

If you want to see Bruce Willis acting irrational with a shotgun, then this is the one for you. Long on special effects (they're pretty good) and short on a decent plot, it's yet another big budget US action flick.

On video/DVD:
The Crow III
Take three. (Nothing can top the first one.)

The Thin Red Line

Varsity Blues

The Godfather

Pitch Black

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (again)

Clerks (again)

The Shootist

The man who gave us Aliens is back in form. See this.

Fight Club

The Game
I liked it.

Bad Taste

Men in Black

Don't bother. Even Christopher Lambert and amazing scenery & props can't save it.


Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection

Alien, Split Second, Salute of the Jugger

Blade, The South Park Movie, Bachelor Party, Claire and the Moon, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, There's Something about Mary, Ninja Scrolls and another that I can't remember.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (again)

The Life of Brian (again)

As is the problem with so many movies such as this, the creators set out to make something that would break the mould, but ended up with something that is just strange, boring and pointless.

She has a fur-lined spaceship. That's all that needs to be said about this movie, except for the obvious "if you haven't seen it yet, DON'T".

Star Wars episodes IV-VI (again)

Movies I wanna see

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